We Use It 2

  • Shipping Live Hogs & Poultry to China to Process and Send Back to USA

    The Chinese are now buying up Hog & Poultry Operations in the US to ship live animals overseas to be processed and sent back to the US. Most wo...
  • Palaki Products Review

    Palaki Products was brought about when we were looking back at what our purchasing habits were as a whole for things we needed and used at home, for our daughters schooling, recreation, our farm business and then Anny's Thai food business. We found that we were now buying about 90% of everything online.
  • Palaki Farms Review

    Palaki Farms is a "Farm to Table" operation that grows all natural foods using no chemicals, hormones in or on any food and no GMO's. We get our seeds from the seed banks and use heirloom seeds! Our animals are free range and fed their native foods, no force feeding fast grow formulas to get unhealthy grow or production.
  • Just What is We Use It 2 ?

    We Use It 2 is a site dedicated to several areas of what we use, sell, grow and eat. We thought a lot about doing all separate sites for our products, but always came back to "this is who we are and this is what we use and consume and why".