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Always wanted to have your own fresh eggs on hand! Now you can without the investment of birds, food, coop, feeders, water's and everything you need to have your own fresh eggs! Palaki Farms Rental Chickens are the answer. We rent you every-thing you need to get 10 to 21 eggs per week! Once you eat farm fresh eggs from your own backyard, you will never want to eat store bought eggs again, EVER! Palaki Farms will deliver your complete egg maker and set it up for you. Choose from 2 hens or 3 hens! Our Hens are the Hy-Line variety know for laying an egg just about every day. 2 hens will get you between 10-14 eggs per week, consistently. A 3 hen set-up will add up to 16-21 eggs per week!
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