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Palaki Farms has diversified with many selections of fruits, vegetables, pork, poultry and goat. We grow apples, plums, cherries strawberries, raspberries, black berries, grapes, blueberries, tomatoes, beans, peppers, corn, pumpkins, squash, melons, cucumbers, cauliflower, broccoli, brussel sprouts, peas and are adding more all the time as we expand our fields. We use state of the art drip irrigation to reduce water usage and efficiency with highly targeted watering. There is no waste in the gardens and field, any-thing not used for human food is fed back to the animals! We raise chickens for eggs and meat, guinea hens for eggs and meat, ducks for eggs and meat, quail for eggs and meat. We also raise goats for meat and at this time we do not milk any goats. Each year we do 2 batches of hogs that we sell live animals and fresh and frozen meat.

Palaki Farms has many products and services. We are just a one family farm so we follow the season of each product. We have many customers with standing orders each year and we don't always try to sell fresh produce as it ripens as that alone is a time intensive process with a limited window. However, as we follow the products as they ripen, we process and freeze. An example, we press, process and can tomatoes every 2 days as tomatoes are ripening, our fresh canned Tomato Juice is ready for what-ever mouth watering food you are going to make!. We also sell Fresh Picked, but we do can a lot of product and you can find it on our site! Natural canning, NO Preservatives! Bottom line is you can buy fresh in the season or we have it available fresh naturally canned or frozen!

Become part of our no-cost Co-op! Ya, no hidden meanings, really no cost, when you sign up at, your automatically part of the Co-op. No hidden anything. What that means is you are really a part owner of the meat, when you buy the meat, chicken, pork or any combinations, you are paying for the labor, feed and processing of that food. Big corporations have gotten laws changed to make it really hard for the "Farm to Table" movement, they don't want you to buy local fresh, they don't make any money and they certainly don't want you to know how good it tastes!

Palaki Farms also makes fresh frozen things to keep on hand in your freezer! Every-thing is flash frozen and then vacuum packed to last in the freezer for a really long time! We have fresh cooked frozen Pie Filling, one package makes one pie, add to your pie crust (homemade or store bought) and you have a fresh pie in no time! Try our Stuffed Zucchini, vegetarian or Italian sausage, fresh frozen dinners ready to cook! Fresh frozen banana's to make banana bread at any time! Check out our selection!

Our fresh frozen vacuum packed fruits and vegetable come in 2-4 serving packages for less waste and last a very long time in the freezer. Some is blanched, some is not, no chemicals added, just fresh frozen as it's meant to be! The only reason Grandma canned and didn't freeze, the freezers were new, expensive and not very big. Now the technology is there to preserve fresh, no preservative for long periods of time!

Palaki Farms allow customers to slaughter their animals here on the farm, we provide a lift to hang animal, tables, water and waste bins. We also rent our poultry processing station which includes a kill station, propane fired water containers to scald the poultry and our 23 gallon automatic feather plucker and waste containers. Plucker takes 15 seconds to de-feather a large chicken! You can rent the poultry processing station for poultry you bring or poultry you buy here, so you can bring your own flock here to butcher! We also rent out the plucker by the day or weekend.  If any processing is to be done when ground is frozen, water will not be available and all remains must be taken with you and disposed of, we cannot bury when ground is frozen.

Palaki Farms was founded in 2014 with the intent of growing food in the organic sector, mainly for ourselves, family and friends. After exploring the organic rules regulations and certification process, we were not sure if we completely understood why in organics you could still use all kinds of chemicals and un-natural processes. We went into research mode and came to the conclusion that organics was now a multi-billion dollar industry with a whole slew of lobbyists representing corporate entities with multi-million dollar budgets to infuse into the political system to change organic definitions, labeling and laws to produce organics to maximize their profits.


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