Palaki Products Review


Palaki Products was brought about when we were looking back at what our purchasing habits were as a whole for things we needed and used at home, for our daughters schooling, recreation, our farm business and then Anny's Thai food business. We found that we were now buying about 90% of everything on-line. We were using Amazon, eBay and many others like this mostly. What we were finding is that the competition on the sites were getting to the point that a lot of the sellers were mis-representing what they were selling and what their support was. At times, it was more of a hassle than a convenience, wrong product, not what was pictured, had to return it and wait another week, had to wait two weeks for a refund. We were already good at buying good stuff with really good prices, some we had to wait two weeks to get some we didn't, but as we got better at it, you bet it is way more convenient!

What sets us apart? First of all, when we source a product, we look at as much as we can that is available, is there a steady supply, if there is, what are all the available comments on this product, we find the manufacturer, not the wholesaler or product rep, we investigate the manufacturer and claims against them and how they resolved them. The manufacturers love to give you this information, they know 20 others are out there selling the same product that does not make the cut, they want you to know theirs does and they stand behind it. What is the warranty. This is a time consuming effort. The next step is the specs on the items, we look at the specs and read what was tested about them and if the specs are being mis-stated. Are the products certified for use in the U.S.? Are they CE certified, will they burn your house down? What other certification and are they just saying they are certified, we check it out. One we do all the leg work, we order samples from the factory, once we get the samples, we put them thru our own tests and make sure they are what they say they are. Then we do video's of the product on every aspect of the product, what we got in the package, how to set it up, are the instructions correct, how it works on different platforms, all the good and the bad we find and how to use it. Close up pictures and then we post all of this on our YouTube Channel for you to see and feel, you will have an upper hand to use it when you receive yours!. The warranty, easy, 1 year on most everything and we take care of the warranty right here, right now, we will deal with the manufacturer at a later date, your satisfaction is first!

As always, products on our site are the products we use! Check it out!


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