Just What is We Use It 2 ?

We Use It 2 is a site dedicated to several areas of what we use, sell, grow and eat. We thought a lot about doing all separate sites for our products, but always came back to "this is who we are and this is what we use and consume and why". We spend a lot of time answering peoples questions. We started as Palaki Farms growing and selling fresh all natural and no chemical food, from produce to meats. Anny has been making Thai food for all her friends and family just for the love of cooking and it has turned into a side endeavor. As a tech guy, people are always asking about my gadgets, home automation, stuff we use around the home and farm and where to buy them. We now have our eCommerce web site set up and running! WeUseIt2.com and our YouTube Channel set up. We are new, growing really fast and always updating and expanding, send us your thoughts! Info@WeUseIt2.com For you to use our site and order from us, we need you to create an account on our site, which enrolls you in our co-op at no cost to you or obligation (Click Here to See the Advantages of Signing Up), Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get current Updates and give thumbs up to the videos if you like them! Also, look around our website, keep coming back as we are new and always changing, adding and updating! If you think it would be a fit for us to offer something, let us know!

Buying online is hard enough to believe what you are getting is really what you are getting!  Is it counterfeit, does it work, is it full of chemicals, is it genetically modified, is it good, will we like it, is there any support, can I talk to you? We Use It 2 is just that, we grew it, we made it we bought it, we used it, we tested it, we made a video of every aspect of it. We took close up pictures and video's so you can see it all, feel it all and know we have your back. We take care of all issues and warranty, immediately! We always appreciate your business once, but we want to earn your business for the long haul! Check out our Delivery Area!


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