Palkai Farms Co-Op Review

By signing up on, you are also enrolled in our Palaki Farms Co-Op Program. There is no cost or charges associated with this program. Under this program, you are actually becoming a part owner of food stack at the Co-Op. By being a part of Palaki Farms Co-Op, the food you buy is yours, it allows you to just pay for the labor, food, packaging and freezing of the food.  With the complex Federal and State regulations concerning food production, distribution and storage has been made so complex that it has almost squeezed out the small Farm to Table providers. Most of the small Farm to Table Providers are raising natural free range food on a very small scale. Farm to Table Operations are not raising massive volumes of hormone and drug infused small caged animals and finishing them in the shortest amount of time by the use of the hormones, which in turn make the animals sick, so they have to be pumped full of drugs to survive until they ship them to the processing plant. We are raising free range food, naturally, no hormones, no drugs, no processed foods to achieve maximum weight in shortest amount of time. Using the Co-Op style model, you can get your farm fresh food hand delivered to you with-in our Delivery Area, know you are getting healthy natural food raised humanly for about the same as you would pay at the grocery store. Best of all, you WILL be able to taste the difference and you will never go back to store bought farm foods.
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