Palaki Farms Fresh Canned Products

Palaki Farms Fresh Canned Products are all produced on the Palaki Farm with no chemicals on any food ever. Palaki Farms uses an all natural approach to our soil and fertilizers. At Palaki Farms we only grow Heirloom Fruits and Vegetables with seeds we obtain from seed banks.
Once the season swings in to full, we are picking fresh every day and canning every week. Palaki Farms has a large customer base for fresh produce, but the time it says fresh is a very short amount of time. Palaki Farms concentrates more on preservation of fresh food for longer term consumption.
All of Palaki Farms fresh canned products are canned as natural as possible and with the least amount of additives. The most we ever add is Pectin and Salt, NO other preservatives!

We deliver 2 times per week, click here to see our Delivery Area! All delivery has a $25.00 minimum order.

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