Thai Isan Sausage Plumps
Thai Isan Sausage Plumps

Thai Isan Sausage Plumps

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Try Anny's Home Made Fresh Frozen Thai Isan Sausage fully cooked and ready to eat today! Like Beef Sticks & Beef Jerky, the Thai treat is Isan Sausage! Bursting with flavor all by them-selves or  experience them with one of Anny's famous Dipping Sauces!

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Isan sausages are easily one of my most munched street foods of all time, which is partly due to their deliciousness, but also because they are found all over Bangkok and Thailand, and they are just so easy to eat on the go. The most common are the plump oblong sausages found in puffs of smoke at mobile barbecues and grills along Bangkok’s roadsides. Sausage-wise are made from a mix of fermented pork, garlic and rice, which give them a sour flavor. They are then stuffed in their skins to near bursting. So the Isaan sausage alone would be savory, sour, and a little bit sweet, before the accompaniment of whole fresh green chillies for heat, and thin cuts of ginger, and white cabbage. Wrap them all together and pop in the mouth, for an explosion Thai flavors.

Thai Isan Sausages come 10 to a package, fresh frozen and packaged in vacuumed sealed pouches for long freezer life and maximum freshness.