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Hi every-one! With the official launch of our website, we are having a contest that could win you a free dinner for 2 from Anny's Thai Cuisine! The person with the most re-posts, shares and likes between now and Friday night at midnight (4-12-19) will win. is a site where you can order and have Anny's Thai Cuisine delivered in our Delivery Area and you can order Anny's Egg Rolls, Pot Stickers and Cream-Cheese Wontons! Also on you will find all the Palaki Farms all natural, non-GMO and no chemical food Fresh or Frozen at regular store prices, also delivered in our Delivery Area. also provides products that We Use 2!

You can also check-out our YouTube Channel where you will find cooking tips from Anny, step by step on how to cook Anny's Thai food you can impress any-one with! Also all the video's about Palaki Farm Products and services and our products we have for sale.

Please help us have a successful and productive launch by going to and signing up and visiting our YouTube Channel and watching a few videos! PLEASE also SUBSCRIBE, give THUMBS UP and click on the notifications bell! We are hoping every-one will give us a quick hand in this launch!

It's really Important to sign up on, have your account ready for when-ever you might like to order! WE DON'T SHARE PERSONAL INFO, to any-one for any reason! Friend and like us on Face Book! Also Please, Please SUBSCRIBE and Thumbs Up on our YouTube Channel, It's really important and you can win a free delivered dinner for two and you will see all the great deals on our website!

I'm just learning all this stuff, but I think we can see all the re-posts and shares we get, but just in case, send copies of yours, pic from phone or send screen shots of your analytics to be judged! Send to Also contact use here for any questions!

Good Luck and many thanks to all!