Delivery Area

Check out our Expanded Delivery Area!
We have two types of delivery and sometimes it gets confusing!

Hot Food Delivery from Anny's Thai Cuisine is only available on Monday's, Thursdays and Saturdays! If you order by 1pm, you will receive your hot food by 6pm. There is a $25 minimum! If you are a little outside our delivery area, email and ask us!

All other food or Palaki Farm Products are delivered within 2 days of being ordered and there is no minimum! If you look, there are 4 grids on our Delivery Area, we got to each quadrant, 2 times per week! No matter what! However, if you are en-route to one of our Hot Food Delivery's, we will deliver your other products at that time, so you may get it sooner than 2 days, but 2 days is the most it will ever take to receive!