Children's Smart Watch

Childrens Security Smart Watch

In today's world of technology, we are faced with "When do we get our child a cell phone?" Cell phones are expensive, calling plans are expensive and can easily be lost or stolen. Smart Watches are now being introduced as the latest security and communication for children! The cost alone is making the leap very easy, the security and peace of mind, makes it a "Must Have"!

The biggest advantage of Children's Smart Watches for parents is that they can track their kids’ locations at all times thanks to the GPS function. This means parents can constantly keep an eye to ensure their Child is at the right place and is safe at all times. In the worst case scenario, even if your Child goes missing, one can just check the location history to find out what happened and where the child currently is.

Our smart watches are made for kids using strong and durable materials that can with stand the knocks and hits that are bound to happen in a kid’s life. They come with batteries that ensure a long battery life, so you will not have to worry about a dead battery halfway through the afternoon.

If your learning about a smart watch for your child, then most likely you are wondering how you can help to control the security of your child. You probably want to know where they are and immediately be aware if something happens and be able to communicate with them.

 Our smart watches with GPS have a Geo Fence function. Thanks to this, parents can set restrictions on the movement of the child. If they leave it, then a message about this will appear on the parent’s smart phone.

 The SOS button allows the child to immediately let you know if something has happened to them. As a rule, you can choose three numbers and they will receive a notification at the same time.

 The remote control feature allows you to hear what is happening next to the child as well as a camera that also allows you to see it what is going on at any time.

For communication, kid’s watches are used as a phone. The child can call, send text or voice messages. You as a parent can set which numbers can call or be called from the app on their phone. The smart watch also has a walkie talkie function so you can converse with your child at any time, even when they are in school or at home in bed!

We Use It 2 puts the security and privacy of our customers first and foremost, as one of the best and safest way for parents and kids to communicate throughout the day, in a simple and secure manner.

We have gone through the process of investigating many different watches out there available. We have found the vast variety of the Smart Watches being imported and sold under different names makes it exceedingly difficult to understand who is responsible for any problems with the devices, security or apps or how to fix the problem or how to get around it.

 Security problems were identified in the apps and devices, including flaws that could allow a potential attacker to take control of the apps, which would then give them access to children’s real-time and historical location and personal details, and could also enable them to contact children directly, without parents’ knowledge.

There are so many fakes, knock-offs and counterfeits on the market that it makes it very difficult to make the decision of which one is the safest and most secure for your child. We have worked with the major reliable manufactures who manufacture what we think is the most advanced, secure and reliable smart watch. We have tested them and we have gone through every function on the watch and the app, it's stable, reliable and is accurate which is most important in locating your child in an emergency! 100% Guaranteed for 1 year!

We go through each step of the process with you on our YouTube video and we test every aspect in both the Android and the IOS environments so you can see how it works and what to expect.