Tierra II - T-Bird

The Tierra II is the Pre T-Bird. The Tierra's are fondly called the "Droop Nose". The Tierra was originally sold as a two seater with a 503 and most thought it was marginally powered and converted them to single seaters which gives it a very wide and comfortable cabin!

This bird has a 582 Grey Head 65Hp engine with dual ignition. Equipped with an electric start as well. I believe the prop is a ground adjustable Power Fin in good shape. See the pics for the nice instrumentation. This is a tail dragger with shock on the main landing gear as well. Pretty sure it is a 12 gallon fuel tank. The radio and head set shown in pictures DO NOT GO WITH AIRPLANE. This was last flown last spring, the motor was fogged. The first pics are from last spring, the second pics are current, showing the dust and the condition of it sitting. The owners heath will not allow him to fly anymore, that's why it has sat. This was a hot rod flying airplane with the 65Hp engine.