Palaki Farms Chicken Rental Program

Palaki Farms Chicken Rental Program

Always wanted to have your own fresh eggs on hand! Now you can without the investment of birds, food, coop, feeders, water's and everything you need to have your own fresh eggs! Palaki Farms Rental Chickens are the answer. We rent you every-thing you need to get 10 to 21 eggs per week! Once you eat farm fresh eggs from your own backyard, you will never want to eat store bought eggs again, EVER! Palaki Farms will deliver your complete egg maker and set it up for you. Choose from 2 hens or 3 hens! Our Hens are the Hy-Line variety know for laying an egg just about every day. 2 hens will get you between 10-14 eggs per week, consistently. A 3 hen set-up will add up to 16-21 eggs per week!

Palaki Farms provides the great looking and functioning chicken coop that take up very little room in the back yard, 2-3 laying  hens, all the food, a feeder and a waterier. Palaki Farms will deliver and set every- thing up in early May and return in late October and remove everything! Very little you need to do, fresh water when needed, fill feeder when needed, every 3-5 days, clean nest box out every other week, takes less than 2 minutes! Very easy!

Once your chickens know this is home, you can let them out every morning and close the door every night, they will go in by them-selves or you can keep them in the coop and move the coop every day to fertilize the yard and give the chickens new pickings! It's so nice to see the chickens roaming around, they will eat all the insects they can find, no more ticks!

Having your own chickens is more than just having fresh natural eggs! The tranquility of having them around is worth it on its own. It's like have your own little garden, you can relax and work in and know the food you get is 100% natural, good for you and the taste is incredible. For kids, it gives them a sense of responsibility and the enjoyment of having them. After they get to know you, you will be able to walk right up and handle them if you wish! Forget about having insects and bugs around, the chickens can't wait to eat them! The end of the summer, no hassles, we do all the work!

Frequently asked Questions and Some Facts!

Does my city allow chickens?
Most cities now allow several hens, but no roosters, we check the regulations for each address!

What happens if a chicken dies?
We replace the chicken at no cost to you! If the chicken is lost or an animal kills it, you will need to buy another chicken.

Is everything natural?
Yes, we use no medicated feed, no hormones, no antibiotics, 100% natural!

Can we keep the chickens over the winter?
We really do not like them out over the winter, egg production slows down and lighting is needed to get them to lay and heated water dishes need to be used, keeping chickens in the winter is a chore! Don't worry, you can still have the same fresh eggs, Palaki Farms delivers all year round!

Can we get the same chickens next year?
Sometimes we can do this, most of the time it is difficult as we usually on keep layers for 2-3 years.

Can we butcher the chickens at the end of the summer?
Again, we cycle birds in and out, so if that works out, then yes, however, you can order our fresh frozen all natural chickens at any time during the year and again, we deliver!

Can we decide at a later date we want to add another chicken?
Yes you can add at any time.

Can we have more than 3 hens?
Yes, we will then need to provide a bigger coop to house more than 3 hens.

What happens when we get low on food?
You just email or call us and we will deliver more food!